HotForex HFcopy - How it Works?

HotForex HFcopy - How it Works?

What is The Program HFCopy?

The tool and account HotForex HFCopy can be accessed easily through browsers letting traders work and unite together like allies and help you in eventually mastering the market. This platform is solution for investors – platform will copy hotforex positions from expert traders. So if you’re a highly professional and experienced trader, then you can quickly become a strategy provider while showcasing your knowledge and expertise in trading while charging a performance fee of more than 35%.

However, when your main focus is on the outcome, and you won’t depend on trading strategies, in such a case, it’s essential to be a follower. In such away, you can easily copy strategy from a strategy provider while paying a fee of more than 35% for the included services. Beginner traders who just know the ins and outs of the scenario can become followers.

Investment with HFCopy is just as simple as the creation of an account that can easily get controlled all by yourself. You can simply withdraw funds, make a deposit and close trades according to your requirements.

How it Works?

People who are new to the working of Forex trading can sign up as HotForex HFCopy Follower and use seasoned traders’ experience. You can simply follow a strategy provider the way you like copy strategy and pay the total fee.

You would also get entre account access for monitoring close positions, withdraw profits, trades, set Rescue Volume and Level Percentage Allocation, and so on.
On the other hand, smart and experienced traders can select becoming the Strategy Provider. In such a case, you have to register as a Strategy Provider while creating a HotForex account.
Advantages of Becoming a Follower (Investor)
Being a follower, you surpass the complexities of trading strategies in the Forex market, and others would do the work for you. Various benefits are associated, such as:

Control of trades at any time. Deciding on how much you’re riskingUnfollow whenever you want, you can set your level for rescue and anytime withdraw your finances.

Advantages of Joining as Strategy Provider (Becoming Professional Trader)

People with rich Forex trading expertise can open strategy provider account while getting a lot of benefits such as:

A performance fee of more than 35% Payments every month showing off trading knowledge and expertise Make the best of automated calculations Have three strategy Forex accounts

Upon joining as a Forex Strategy Provider in HFCopy, your work would be to formulate the best Forex trading strategies for self as well as followers. For details and numbers, you’re simply able to rely on the automated calculation of HotForex HFCopy. This automatically calculates followers’ Rescue Level, Volume Allocation, and a lot of other vital data.

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